Sire beaches, exotic scenery on the Lombok Island

Save the varied beauty of the island of Lombok tourism. Enough with only three small islands - Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. You need to stop at the Sira beach; the Sira holds immense wonder and beauty. This beach is located in the suburb of Cape Town, North Lombok.

Sira Beach is a range of natural attractions are suitable for you who crave pristine natural beauty. The beach is still pretty naturally with the beauty of the sea is crystal clear blue sea.

As long as the eye could see, blue expanses; seem to invite you to calm the mind and the heart of all fatigue. Meanwhile, the sand gleaming white in the sun after your feet all along the coast.

Not only the beauty of nature, local culture and entertainment. Meet up with locals to be an unforgettable experience. Here you can come and see traditional ceremony float "and Lombok offers marine parts of the population. Your luck in this area feels full when it was dusk. This beach is perfect for watching the sunset with Mount Agung the landscape visible from the Sira Beach field.

Sira Beach can from the coastal city of Mataram, which is about 30 km can be achieved. To reach this beach, you will need a means Pusuk hill. While driving on this road, you will feel the fresh air, even cold. Not only has that, the exotic landscapes accompanied the trip.
Sire Beaches 

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