South Yarra Melbourne - a place to relax

South Yarra s located in the south of the River Yarra, is where most people say the rich (where the rich Melbourne), if you visit South Yarra sometime during the fall, you will encounter these homes colonial architecture, romantic look will look at decorated with glowing maroon leaves.

Not only that you can find a spot on the edge of the river Yarra Barbeque, BBQ steak and cook a delicious use of the grill that has been provided free of charge along the banks of the river. Simply buy a beef (or lamb) in the nearest supermarket, grilled with butter and sliced ​​onions; put seasoning salt + pepper and eat with BBQ sauce (pace not have rice!). Australian beef and lamb that was quite tasty, so it does not need to be given a variety of spices.
River Yarra Melbourne

South Yarra Melbourne home

River Yarra

South Yarra Home Colonial Architecture

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Big Island Hawaii - Famous tourist destinations in the world

Big Island Hawaii - This Island is a relatively new island is exposed from the many islands of Hawaii. With a wealth of attractions such as the tallest sea mountain and largest national park, providing a variety of new adventures. Indeed, the island of Hawaii is an island rich in attractions, from beaches that could not be separated in terms of offering a beauty, comfort and cleanliness.
One that gives visitors feel at home is cleanliness and beauty, and if each person chose Hawaii for tourism purposes, no doubt, does Hawaii have tremendous appeal.
Big Island Hawaii

Beach Hawaii

Hawaii Beach

Beauty Beach of Hawaii

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Bora Bora Island - one of the most beautiful island in the world

Bora-Bora Island is among the group of islands located in Polynesia. Bora-Bora this word comes from the language of Haiti "Pora Pora" which meant "children first". The island is located 230 kilometers northwest Papetee, and surrounded by coral reefs lagun blue and beautiful. In the middle of the island there are two peaks were inactive volcano called Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu.
If we see from the pictures, it looks Small Island, but surrounded by the expanse of blue sea and beautiful.

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La Digue Island - the fourth largest island in the Seychelles

The island of La Digue is the fourth largest inhabited island in the Seychelles humans. La Digue Island got its name blessing the name of a nomadic French ship named Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne is a visit to the Seychelles in 1768. This island there is a very unique kind of birds and the endangered Black Paradise Flycatcher named. There are only 100 birds in the world. In addition to the beaches, the beauty of this island can also be seen on the mountain and payanya.

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Lombok Island - The most beautiful sights of the future

This world is a lot of places that provide beauty, both natural and cultural beauty. I'll write a tourist development, especially in my area "Lombok Island - Indonesia". Many foreign tourists who knew the island, many travelers choose these islands for a vacation, and honeymoon.
With the progress of culture in every country, it became a dream, now the island of Lombok (the island that has a million beauties, both in terms of mountains, beaches, and waterfalls). Chili can now easily be reached, for the visit, because this region already exists "international airport" which facilitate and provide a quick mileage through your country.
Talk about the beauty and cleanliness of tourist, certainly much to be gained in other countries, as well as with the island of Lombok, which is where tourist prefers the comfort, beauty, and cleanliness. So that the tourists do not feel disturbed and restless. In addition to tours, many tourists stay in the island of Lombok, to run a business, this may not be obtained in other countries.

Gili island in Lombok

Beach in Lombok Island

Lombok Island is beauty

Lombok Island Map

Lombok beach

Lombok island Cultural

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Green sand beaches in Papakolea, Hawaii

Papakolea beaches rich in mineral olivine (one of the main elements produced by the deposition of volcanic lava in Hawaii), has a curve that was almost like a cone-cylinder sand-colored dark green with a surreal, spread like a prairie. This beach can be found in the south of the Big Island, protected by a fairly high hill. Then you can view the beautiful beaches with feeling comfortable and free, and free broad views we get, if we refer to later compare with the desert so there is not much different, but what sets it apart is the extensive sand and sea.
Green sand beaches in Papakolea

Papakolea hawaii

Green sand beaches in Papakolea, Hawaii

Green sand beaches

Green sand beaches hawaii

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Sandy Beach Glass in Fort Bragg, California

Sandy Beach Glass in Fort Bragg

Sandy Beach Glass

Sandy Beach Glass in Fort Bragg

Beach Glass
Location had once been a garbage dump has now become one of the manmade beaches of the most stunning in the world. The process of tidal beach that has been running for decades has been smooth pieces of glass to be jagged crystal grains is comfortable on the feet. Cover glass of gravel with a grain of sand conspire Fort Bragg is one of the tourist destination you must visit amongst all immersed in a dazzling city of California. at first glance it looks like garbage scattered, not worth it at say a beach scene, but they turned the facts, just the beauty behind it is a comfort and longevity to visit this place.
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