South Yarra Melbourne - a place to relax

South Yarra s located in the south of the River Yarra, is where most people say the rich (where the rich Melbourne), if you visit South Yarra sometime during the fall, you will encounter these homes colonial architecture, romantic look will look at decorated with glowing maroon leaves.

Not only that you can find a spot on the edge of the river Yarra Barbeque, BBQ steak and cook a delicious use of the grill that has been provided free of charge along the banks of the river. Simply buy a beef (or lamb) in the nearest supermarket, grilled with butter and sliced ​​onions; put seasoning salt + pepper and eat with BBQ sauce (pace not have rice!). Australian beef and lamb that was quite tasty, so it does not need to be given a variety of spices.
River Yarra Melbourne

South Yarra Melbourne home

River Yarra

South Yarra Home Colonial Architecture

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