Green Lake, Underwater Park in Austria

Park in Green Lake, Austria has been a popular destination for tourists during the summer. in winter there is a communal garden with benches and sidewalks. in the summer the park is all sinking in the lake!

Green Lake is located in Tragoess, Styria, just at the foot of the mountains of Austria Hochschwab snow. in autumn and winter this area is  a park on the shores of Lake Park is frequently visited, especially climbers. but the beauty of the winter garden was transformed dramatically during the summer, a lake.

The lake is considered sacred to the Green Party or the Green Lake because the waters is green in nature, such as emerald. depth of the Lake is only about 1-2 meters of winter. As fall begins to slow in the summer the park.   why? This occurs because the melting ice in mountainous regions Hochschwab. the depth of the lake itself, in the winter, the lake reached a depth of 12 meters increased.

Green Lake

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