Lombok Island - The most beautiful sights of the future

This world is a lot of places that provide beauty, both natural and cultural beauty. I'll write a tourist development, especially in my area "Lombok Island - Indonesia". Many foreign tourists who knew the island, many travelers choose these islands for a vacation, and honeymoon.
With the progress of culture in every country, it became a dream, now the island of Lombok (the island that has a million beauties, both in terms of mountains, beaches, and waterfalls). Chili can now easily be reached, for the visit, because this region already exists "international airport" which facilitate and provide a quick mileage through your country.
Talk about the beauty and cleanliness of tourist, certainly much to be gained in other countries, as well as with the island of Lombok, which is where tourist prefers the comfort, beauty, and cleanliness. So that the tourists do not feel disturbed and restless. In addition to tours, many tourists stay in the island of Lombok, to run a business, this may not be obtained in other countries.

Gili island in Lombok

Beach in Lombok Island

Lombok Island is beauty

Lombok Island Map

Lombok beach

Lombok island Cultural

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