Hallyeohaesang Maritime National Park , Amazing beauty

Hallyeohaesang Maritime National Park is a national park, which includes the island of Geoje, Hansan Island and surrounding islands in the South Gyeongsang Province. Dubbed as one of 8 places with beautiful scenery in Korea, has become a popular Hallyeo Haesang attraction. Hallyeo Haesang as a national park in 1968 founded and became the fourth National Marine Park in South Korea.

The ecosystem consists of thousands of islands and the water is calm, stretches along the 120 km of Geoje in South Gyeongsang in Yeosu in Jeollanam Selatan. Wide area 545.63 km ² with 72% water. A total of 69 inhabited islands and 30 uninhabited.

Mesozoic sedimentary rocks Hallyeo Haesang to a mountain chain that stretches from north to south. In it creates a lot of caps, small islands and peninsulas.

National Park Hallyeo Haesang form of life with no less than 1142 species of plants, the majority of red spruce, black pine, camellia, serrata, cork trees and rare species such as Sedirea japonica (nadopungnan) nipponicum (daehongnan), Cymbidium and hazel winter in Korea. Species of fauna include 25 species of mammals, 115 bird species, 16 reptile species, 1566 species of insects and 24 species of freshwater fish. Common mammal species include otters, badgers and wild cats and small ears.

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