Tourist destinations on the island of Lombok

Lombok Island is an island located just west of the island of Bali, the island where I live is often referred to as a twin island paradise island, because it has attractions that are not less beautiful in the island of Bali.
Some of the sights you can visit on the island of Lombok [Indonesia].

Senggigi beach is one of the flagship attractions the island is, it feels wonderful when you can vacation in the island of Lombok and unwind for a moment in Senggigi beach, till the sun goes down, because of Senggigi beach is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also the beauty of the sunset in crevices of Mount Agung Bali looks beautiful from the coast of Senggigi Beach.

Gili islands is a small island in number 3, the island is extraordinarily beautiful and attractive to foreign tourists, Lombok is located in the West, the island is in name: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

A volcano Mount Rinjani is an exotic beauty, nature lovers to visit this location a lot because a lot of challenges that can be found on Mount Rinjani, not only that, the volcano Mount Rinjani is filled with Mistrial, the history of civilization since the time of the kingdom of the island is beautifully illustrated story Mount the presence of the figure, the other is Mount Rinjani Mistrial now still inhabited by descendants of one of Queen Jin, the queen was named Queen of Anjani.
The third is still a lot of tourist attractions can also be found on the island of Lombok Indonesia

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