Most beautiful Bridges in the world

Currently the bridge is not just serve as a liaison between the two locations, but also symbolizes progress in art and technology, especially in a country.
The architects and engineers have been able to blend the beauty of the (design) and technology together in order to create bridges of bigger, better and more spectacular than ever made before.
Some of the photos below illustrate the bridge construction achievements of the modern world.
Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (Kobe, Japan)

Bixby Creek Bridge (Big Sur, California, USA)

Bridge Bosphorus (Istanbul, Turkey)

Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA)

Confederation Bridge (New Brunswick, Canada)

Coronado Bridge (San Diego, California, USA)

Donghai Bridge (Shanghai, China)

Erasmus Bridge (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Fehmarn Belt bridge (Hamburg, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark)

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California, USA)

Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Hangzhou Bay, China)

Humber Bridge (Kingston upon Hull, England)

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