Raja Ampat, sites of the world's best diving

Raja Ampat in West Papua is already considered one of the best diving in the world known. Predicate is quite encouraging. But in addition to diving, dive tourism, it is many not just as captivating.

There Point Dive (dive site) in Raja Ampat are hundreds, let's call it Manta Point in the waters near Iceland Arborek, Dampier Strait. So called because at this point is simply to manta rays or commonly found as Manta. The size of the fish there up to five meters wide wings with black and white body colors.

It will also dive site is Wreckplane P47 Thunderbolt located 30 meters from the beach by boat Way. These small islands with white sand and pine trees. In here you will find the wreck in an inverted position on a slope with an inclination of about 45 degrees between the rocks.

Raja Ampat

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