Iguazu Falls, border between Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Falls [Iguazu River] is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Iguazu falls on the border between Brazil and the ParanĂ¡ province of Misiones in Argentina, and is (surrounded BR / ARG), through two national parks.

Pretty amazing if you're one of those who have visited Iguazu falls.
Iguazu Falls is a waterfall known as the parent company; it extends along approximately 3 miles and is the border between Argentina and Brazil. The rushing water pouring from a height approximately equal to the height of 24 storey buildings, and even Niagara Falls is negligible compared to the height of the waterfall?

Iguazu Falls are the most dangerous stunts that exist in this world. The waterfall is in the local language means "big water", formed about 120 million years ago, which formed through the high plains of the Parana and Iguazu rivers east of the mouth of this cascade. The falls cascade 275 is capable of forming a new, waterfalls and long-term multi-level, neck and most impressive waterfalls is the devil. Protected because of its uniqueness, Iguazu waterfalls, including a nature reserve by the state of Brazil. The waterfall is flowing at a rate of 1,500 m3 of water per second and in different seasons may divert water from 500 m3 to 6500 m3 per second.

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