Gili Nanggu, a small island destinations of the world

Gili Nanggu are directed toward the south western island of Lombok.
Gili Nanggu was previously only a private island which is then opened to the public. in the south west is the furthest island of Gili Nanggu from of a collection of three adjacent islands. the island is very small, around it is not enough time for an hour with the topography there is as and beach and there is a coral reef, so the island is also ideal for enjoying the sunset or sunrise. And that should not be missed is seeing the colorful fishes with a snorkel.

To reach this island, with just renting a motor boa tin the mainland of Lombok in Sekotongarea, south of the Lembar port, and be completed with in approximately 20 minutes.

Gili Nanggu extensive approximately 12.5 hectares of this island there are no motor vehicles, because it is not permitted by local regulations. Common means of transportation are bicycles (rented by local people for the tourists) and cidomo, a simple horse-drawn carriage which are common in Lombok. To travel to and from the third "Gili", the residents usually use motorized boats and speed boats. 

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